Franz, creator of software products and user experiences



Product & UX Designer

14 years experience

Planning and managing UX Design and product projects for web, desktop and mobile applications
Planning, executing, analysing and communicating user and market research to engineers and stakeholders
Using research to create and communicate larger software concept designs as well as detailed screen designs and interactions
Building and testing prototypes and planning, executing and analysing usability testing

UX Engineer & Developer

24 years experience

Planning and managing large and small software development projects
Building web frontends by hand-crafting world-class HTML5, CSS and Javascript
Backend development using Python, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, REST, Aurelia, Firebase, AWS, Linx Manipulating and animating SVG's and XAML icons and illustrations

Workshops & Publications

8 years experience

Planning, preparing and executing UX and Design Thinking workshops
Researching and writing UX articles and publications

Product Documentation

4 years experience

Planning, designing and creating video tutorials and animations
Researching and writing and product tutorials and documentation


Creating enjoyable experiences for happy and productive users has been a passion of mine long before I found out about the profession of UX Design. I take my work seriously, but not more seriously than I take the people I work with. Every project is unique and requires an inclusive design process that is adapted to suit the specific needs of the project.

I have contributed to a large number of software projects in a variety of management, development and design roles. My extensive experience helps me to effectively combine business goals with user needs to create highly enjoyable web, desktop or mobile applications with useful features and intuitive interfaces. I specialise in task-focussed productivity tools and strive to simplify and distill complex processes into elegant UI's that help professionals complete jobs efficiently and effectively.

For over a decade I have been working professionally as a UX designer with teams of UX and visual designers, writers and researchers. I have deep expert knowledge of user research techniques, in interaction-design, prototyping, usability testing and UX engineering. I rapidly iterate design ideas from drawings, to low-fi wireframes and html/css/js prototypes and prefer using pen and paper, whiteboards and wireframing applications to develop and communicate complex, interactive design concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences.

Currently I work as the lead designer in the Digiata/Twenty57 design teams for multiple products and custom developments. I am responsible for the design of all software products and work with clients, product owners, developers, designers and stakeholders. To deliver the best outcomes, it is important for everyone to have well-defined, measurable and clearly communicated goals to aim for. I like to believe that innovation and design flourish when people feel valuable, heard and respected. I have extensive experience in leading and coaching project teams in design thinking and UX design concepts and methods. I created training materials for one- and two-day face-to-face and remote workshops and have conducted a numnber of UX workshops for novices and professionals in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Current Work


Linx is a low-code IDE (Desktop application) and application host (Web application) for rapid development and deployment of backend applications, API's, automations and system integrations. Target users for Linx are developers and software professionals.

Linx Designer / IDE


Linx Designer Dark


Server Service View

Server Project View

Linx Docs


Tutorial Videos



Stadium is a low-code IDE (Desktop application) and application host (Web application) for the rapid development of web application frontends. Target users for Stadium are web developers and software professionals.

Page Designer


Event Handler

Type Editor

API Integration

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Video Tutorials



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Side projects

For these side projects I do everything, the design, front-, backend development, maintenance and marketing.


Open API 3 Definition Designer